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728x90You want to build your wine collection where do you start? First, get the Culinary Guru free wine tasting guide that is filled with great ideas to have a wine tasting party! Then, become a member of the Gold Medal Wine Club.


Her Breath was as Intoxicating as the Wine Itself

When I started out in the food and beverage industry I couldn’t tell the difference from wines except by color and how much it cost! I was intrigued by my managers knowledge on everything wine. Their colors, the shape as she stroked the bottle to gather information of the hidden essence hiding inside. Then the tasting, opening the bottle, swirling the glass, sniffing the aroma with her nose deep inside the glass that I literally thought she was going to sip wine right through her nostrils. I was in awe, not only with the fact she was beautiful and the aroma of wine wafting in the air and her sweet breath anticipating the prize, but her passion, her intoxicating thrill of the legs dripping down the side of the wine glass. I knew then I would fall in  love with wine forever

The Gold Medal Wine Club and Learning

My experience of learning the love and appreciation of wines and their mystery’s may not be typical. Yet, the passion and joy of God’s wonderful beverage can be a wonderful journey of discovery. As a child listening to stories about my wine loving family I dreamt of owning a vineyard and creating a wine tasting club. Well, I may not own it, but I can surely participate and share the excitement of creating my customers a marvelous journey and wine cellar. So click here and become member a today.


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