Demitasse Cups

Demitasse coffee cups can be a really nice statement to any coffee aficionado. If you purchased the espresso maker we highly touted, then these demitasse cups will fit right into your concept. Your guests arrive to be treated to a full blown dining experience you’ve prepared and everything looks perfect.

We are not the Martha Stewart of design, we are not the flamboyant chefs who boost their careers with TV shows and cookbooks with no experience in the kitchen or dining room. We are down to earth business owners, chef’s, managers and food-servers. We care about you as the guest, a customer, a friend and the connoisseur because you take this food business seriously. To all of us who still believe in the passion of food this is the web site for you!

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As the crowd of friends began to pour into our home we realized there were not enough demitasse coffee cups for all our guests. It’s nice to be creative and creativity is a must, but in our restaurant if we ran out of anything we were told about it in quick fashion. That’s the difficulty of being an owner versus a host at home. Eventually you learn the right amount of food, wine and accessories and it makes for a pleasant evening. I guess what I’m saying is if you need more accessories remember us as your kitchen and dining room provider. Therefore, sign up on our email list and receive our FREE wine tasting party guide and we’ll stay in touch with you!


Don’t Forget! Order your Demitasse Coffee Cups here, Today!


We want to “Thank You” for taking the time to be on our site. I hope you take advantage of our free wine tasting guide and that you become a part of our family. The food we will be offering as part of our commitment will be mailed to you in an email broadcast.


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