Culinary Gary 10 Minute Expert Wine Guide

Culinary Gary 10 Minute Expert Wine Guide gives professional advice on wine tasting and wine tasting parties. Therefore the combination of great wine, even better company and some tasty snacks leads to great conversation and lots of fun. Also, there is no better way to learn about fine wine than to jump in and start tasting and discussing wines with other people who are eager to learn. You can only learn so much from books, the rest has to come from experience. This guide is all you need to get you started so that you can plan a home wine tasting. And, we’ll give you some fun wine tasting party ideas to spice up your event.  So that when you throw a wine tasting party you and your guests will have a great time.

Wine Tasting Guide by the Culinary Gary


Culinary Gary will be offering recipes, teach knife cutting skills, explain certified organic farming. Then, provide reviews on wines and spirits,reveal trade secrets in the restaurant industry. We will include table set-up, dining etiquette, wine bottle opening skills, and of course educational materials. Therefore you can develop knowledge in informative and humorous ways. And that can only come from someone like the Culinary Gary!

Initially, the world of wine and wine appreciation may seem intimidating. Thousands of years of history, thousands of types of wines and wine producers and so many rules about how to serve wine and how to pair food and wine…it’s enough to make the timid run and hide!

So wine tasting and fine wine appreciation does not have to be scary or intimidating! The most important thing to remember is that food and wine are pastimes of leisure and pleasure and therefore not something you should stress about. Everyone can begin the process of learning about wine and how to taste wine at their own pace and in their own style. While some of you will become swept up in the passion and excitement of the world of fine wine, others will prefer to go slowly, simply enjoying wine occasionally. Either way, it only takes a bit of introduction to get you started and feeling comfortable about tasting and assessing, discussing, and serving wine.


Wine is more than a beverage


However, wine is so much more than a beverage. At its best, it is a work of art, capable of ever-changing complexity and beauty. It can also be intellectually satisfying, offering a lifetime of potential learning about wine producers, vintages, regions, grape varieties, food and wine pairing, etc. Beyond all that, wine simply tastes good and is fun. Hence, it is romantic, seductive and mysterious. It can be everything from elegant and sophisticated to rustic or hedonistic. Wine, in moderation, can even be good for you! Besides all the above, a few glasses of wine at a wine party lubricates the mind and tongue. That can lead to great conversation, joyous frivolity and lots of fun!

Therefore, there are many reasons to love wine. The wine guide assists in enjoying wine in many different settings. Whether you are a wine newbie eager to learn more about the nectar of the gods. A keen entertainer looking for ideas on how to host a wine tasting party. Therefore even the seasoned eonophile will find new ideas and themes for tastings. We are here to share our knowledge with you. We’ll even share some info about wine accessories and pairing food and wine.

Culinary Guru has been enjoying wine and hosting tastings for years. Hence, we have a passion for wine and food. We are here to share our experiences with you. This wine guide will help your next wine tasting event to be a smashing success! Download the wine tasting guide and begin a new journey.