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Take action now and learn the ends and outs of the culinary world. You’re in for a treat because each month, subscribers can expect a box of recipes and a sampling of spices, oils, vinegars, extracts or seasonings to help you along your culinary adventures — all for less than the price of a nice dinner out! It is only $16.95 per month.  Included in your membership will be a Free Carving Knife. discounts on food, wine and spirits that could be significant savings. We will be providing videos, recipes, wine recommendations, cookware demos, fine dining etiquette and a host of learning opportunities. We will also have many items for sale should you be looking to upgrade your wine cellar, your cooking library and many other items. But the important part is the access you’ll have to this site and all the resources at your fingertips!

Discover all that is fun in the culinary world. You have taken the next step which will provide interesting content without spending a lot of time. We have videos teaching knife cutting skills, which is imperative in all professional kitchens, but no one shows you how to do it. We will! Knives account for many accidents in kitchens and the number can be reduced with proper training.

We will answer the age old question of “Why smell a Cork” and a plethora of great and interesting content! Please Click the “Subscribe” button and let’s get started!

The “Subscribe” button will take you to our credit card processing. You can pay with PayPal or any major credit card, your choice. If you have been wanting to open a PayPal account it is available. We make nothing for this service!

This is a monthly membership subscription site, so you are only buying access into “Culinary Guru” membership and will be auto billed monthly. I joined recently and I want to inform you that if you pay with a credit card be sure all fields are filled in, as I don’t want you getting discouraged and leaving. Thank You!!

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