Cameron Wines from Napa Valley

Cameron Hughes 6 vertical vintage cabernets from Napa Valley
I love Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignons. Looking in my wine cellar I noticed I was missing wines from Cameron Hughes. Cameron Hughes is a California-based negociant (a winemaker or vintner is a person engaged in winemaking.) is one of the premier vintners in the Napa Valley region. So with that in mind I started to research Cameron’s wines and found this beautiful 2006-2011 six vintage vertical cabernets available for purchase
This amazing 2006-2011 six-bottle vertical of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is from one of the best Cabernet producers in Napa Valley. This is a once-in-a-lifetime, buy it now, six-bottle, six-vintage vertical of Cabernet Sauvignon from some of the best hillside estate vineyards in Napa Valley. How did he get these wines? He can’t say much about it other than this: a particular winery has quietly changed hands, and the vineyards didn’t come along with the winery. Given his reputation for discretion, he was offered first shot at these.

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Best Winery

I was amazed to discover that this six-bottle, six-vintage vertical of Cabernet Sauvignon has cellared since bottling at 55 degrees in Nest Egg Storage – the Fort Knox of wine storage in Napa. These wines are stupendous, made with Swiss-watch precision, and perfectly reflect the vintage; each a wholly unique experience unto itself. These are archetypal Napa Cabernets: big and inky yet perfectly balanced, and produced in 100% new French oak. While they are immense fun to drink and evaluate now, they will age anywhere from another 12-25 years depending on the vintage. The retail price above reflects the cost to purchase these wines at auction today, which is the only place you would find them under the original label which, cannot be revealed!
Dark, dark, dark – pretty much pitch black and very extracted, with a little red around the rim. It’s tight out of the bottle, with immediate notes of fresh turned earth and mocha. With just little air, brilliant raspberry aromas leap from the glass and are underpinned with brambly blackberry, more mocha, and enticing dark chocolate. A high-toned earthiness adds layers of complexity that are furthered by its broad and deep palate and tightly wound, tooth-staining tannins. You need to get these if only to enhance your cellar, or more importantly as an investment, but I suspect they will be consumed.

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