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Blue Apron has a mission to make healthy home cooking accessible to everyone. Blue Apron is developing a more viable long term food system. Therefore, fishing is critical to protecting the Earth’s natural supply of seafood. Blue Apron works with fisheries to source only sustainable seafood.

They support farmers who use farming practices that help build healthy soil for future generations. By protecting natural resources, encouraging biodiversity and utilizing integrated pest management. Blue Apron farmers grow the best quality produce with minimal fertilizers and pesticides, and reduce carbon emissions.

40% of food in America is wasted, and the production of this wasted food is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Blue Apron plans your meals in advance and source directly from our suppliers, so food doesn’t spoil on the shelves of warehouses or at grocery stores. And because we pre-portion your ingredients, there’s no waste in your refrigerator.

Blue Apron is setting the highest standards for our ingredients

Blue Apron creating great Chef's

As a result, Blue Apron is developing direct relationships with farmers. This allow them to send our home chefs produce at peak freshness, with minimal time in transit. This creates a better value than they can find at their local grocery store. These direct relationships provide our farmers with guaranteed demand for their harvest. It allows them to better plan their crop rotations to grow specialty produce just for us. That’s good for you by improving your health in the process.

Whether it’s fresh Japanese ramen noodles or wild-caught Alaskan salmon.  That allows the highest quality ingredients from our artisans and suppliers. They believe incredible ingredients are essential to cooking incredible meals. Therefore by developing a community of artisanal suppliers, we are helping build a better food system.

Furthermore, Blue Apron farmers and ranchers raise animals without any added hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics. In the rare event that one of our animals becomes ill and cannot recover without antibiotics, our animal welfare standards allow for the animal to be treated.

The company is building a community of home chefs. And Blue Apron believes you’re never done learning in the kitchen. Our recipes are created to encourage our home chefs to try new ingredients and cooking techniques every week, while honoring our philosophy of seasonal eating. We take great care to ensure that our recipes are suitable for beginner chefs and experts alike.

Finally, Blue Apron believes that cooking together builds stronger family bonds, is good for society and promotes a healthier diet. They are working to create cooking experiences that are fun for the whole family and that will inspire a new generation of home chefs.

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