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160x600Wine bottle shapes tell a story. Sensuous mouth, slender neck, graceful shoulders, sleek body, a lovely punt. The wine bottle. It’s an elegant package indeed. Wine bottles were for centuries very expensive items, handcrafted by artisans. Kings, noble families and wealthy merchants had elaborate bottles made to order, often embossed with their coat of arms. This was especially true in non-wine-drinking countries like Holland and England, where commoners drank beer and cider. Only the gentry could afford wine, and the fancy bottle was a way to flout it. As for the other bottle shapes that sprang up, “that was just marketing” to differentiate each region’s wine, says Phillips. Burgundy developed its own distinctive sloped-shoulder bottle. Germany evolved the long, tapered “flute” style for its “hock.” Rhine Rieslings were bottled (still are) in brown flutes, while across the river, Mosel comes in a green-tinted package.

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